Air Filters TATA Air Filters for JCB Air Cleaner Assemblies for Mercedes Air Filter for Truck Air Intake Systems



We are located in Delhi, the capital of India, and have large warehousing facility which serves as the nationwide distribution of spare parts. Spare parts volumes are growing very fast, because more and more model versions are added during the life cycle of any model series. Our logistics system has ability to deal with changes in demand. The total goods inventory consists of 2000 different items which as resulted in high availability of spare parts, automatic inventory control and efficient goods turnover.


We have a well established infrastructure characterized by state-of-the-art technology and amiable working environment. Our automated plant features hi-tech presses and necessary support equipment for continuous automated operation. The streamlined equipment layout facilitates quick set-ups of the die’s with fast turn around time. A close control over the process ensures dimensional accuracy and quality of the end products. With facility for inspection and manufacturing in the same controlled environment, we are able to function beyond typical industry standards.


  • Air Flow resistance Test
  • High Pressure Leakage Test
  • Life expectancy Test
  • Powder coating Test
  • Corrosion Test
  • Pressure Drop v/s Flow rate Test
  • Filtration Efficiency Test
  • Sediment test